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“I am writing this letter to let you know how I feel about my home attendant, Ms. Grant, who is with me seven days a week. Let me emphasize some of her qualities and explain what makes her an amazing home health aide (“HHA”). First and foremost, she cares, plain and simply. She takes care of me as if I am her own mother. She always arrives on time, if not early. She always has a smile, no matter what I ask of her. She keeps my house neat and tidy, does the laundry and prepares my meals. When my friends and family visit, Ms. Grant treats them respectfully and cheerfully; my friends are always telling me how nice and kind she is, and are impressed with her pressed uniform and professional demeanor. Ms. Grant has changed my life: She prepares delicious and nutritious meals, keeps on top of my medication schedule (which I need help managing) and generally provides all my daily needs. Because I am a severe diabetic, I am especially grateful for her meal preparation and monitoring of my medication. My health has improved dramatically since she arrived: my “sugar” and “pressure” are now under control and I am no longer stressed out like I was in the past. Before Ms. Grant came along I was suffering terribly and was lonely. I am not alone anymore. We talk for hours on end and have come to share a wonderful relationship. I respect her and love her dearly for the genuine care, kindness and attention she has shown me. Ms. Grant goes above and beyond the call of duty, each and every day. She has improved my life in every possible way. I thank G-d every day for sending Ms. Grant to me – she’s certainly the world’s best HHA! Of course, I would have never have gotten her without Edison Home Health Care. In particular, I would like to give a special thanks to S.F. and the entire Edison HHC staff, for spending so much time with me and for handpicking my HHA. I am forever grateful.”