4 Warning Signs You May Be Suffering from Age-Related Vision Problems

As you grow older, your overall health, both physical and mental, deteriorates. You may suffer from various emotion problems. But other than that, what is more commonly seen among elderly people is that they start to lose their vision. But how will one know if they are developing eye/vision problems? Well, read this blog to find that out.

1. Eye Floaters in the Field of Your View

What are eye floaters?
Well, they are extremely tiny spots, specks, and flecks that wander aimlessly around in your field of vision. Typically, eye floaters occur due to an age-related condition called “vitreous detachment”.
This typically occurs when the eye’s interior separates from the retina, causing flood spots in your vision. If you experience such a condition, it is ideal to immediately consult your eye specialist.

2. A Dark Shadow across the Field of Vision

If you experience sudden blindness, this could be due to retinal detachment. This typically happens when your retina separates from the choroid – an underlying blood vessel.
If the retina is not placed back to its position, you may lose your vision permanently. Hence, this is a serious medical emergency which needs to be treated as quickly as possible.

3. Eye Pain, Redness, or Nausea

If you experience all of these vision problems, it could be possible that your eyes are suffering from acute narrow-angle glaucoma. This illness can damage your eye’s optic nerve for good.
This is more commonly witnessed among people over the age of 40. To avoid this condition, the AOA suggests an eye exam on an annual basis.

In case you have this eye problem, you need to consult an optometrist immediately. Otherwise, you may risk losing your vision permanently.

4. Blurry Vision in One Eye

60 plus people risk the chance of developing a macular hole in their retina. The hole occurs in the eye area that primarily helps you to focus.
With time, macular holes can aggravate your eye health, leading to a permanent vision loss. It’s significant that you visit your eye care practitioner for a diagnosis on a daily basis.
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