4 Ways You Can Prevent Slips and Falls in Seniors

Did you know that slips and falls are the most common cause of severe injuries and death in older Americans?
Research tells that around 33% of seniors fall at least once a year which results in a hip fracture or a brain injury.
Fractures or any other form of physical injury can have an adverse impact on the quality of life of older adults. This may also have a negative effect on the economy in general.
The question is what can be done to prevent these slips and falls? Well, read this post to find it out.

Stay Active

One of the reasons why older adults trip and fall is because they are weak, being more prone to falling. Since they don’t engage in any form of exercises, they gain weight and become lazier. All of this is very detrimental to their overall health. It is vital that they do light exercises daily including walking or cycling. They also need to be very careful while they exercise.
The more they exercise regularly, the more they stay active and strong. This, in turn, will lower their chances of falling.

Clean Up the Clutter at Your Home

One of the reasons why older adults fall often is because of the clutter lying around the hallways and staircases of their home. To ensure that they don’t slip or fall, ensure their space is neat and tidy. Sometimes, home fixtures also contribute to falls which lead to back pain and other types of injuries. Scrutinize every room and hallway and remove loose carpets or slippery rugs at once.

Install Grab Bars and Handrails

Another tactic to prevent slips and falls in elderly people is to install grab bars by toilets and bathtubs.Most of the times, the slippery floor of the bathroom cause you to slip contributing to a severe form of injury.
Hence, grab bars will protect older adults well. Make sure that there are handrails properly installed in stairways and hallways. In this way, they can walk the stairs without any problem.

Avoid Wearing Loose Clothes

Long baggy clothes can sometimes make you more prone to falling. Hence, opt for well-fitted clothes that do not drag on the ground when older people walk. 24/7 Homecare Agency of NY is a licensed home care service agency, providing quality care to older adults. If there is a senior member in your house who needs care and support, contact them today.