10 Bathroom Safety Tips For Seniors

Most of the older adults experience major slips and falls in a bathroom. Although a bathroom could be the smallest space in your house, it may prove to be the most dangerous one.

Almost 90 percent of seniors suffer from a severe head injury or a fracture due to bathroom incidents. Hence, it is important that we all ensure bathroom safety for our loved ones. Here we have assembled some brilliant ways to do just that.

1.   Install Grab Bars

By installing grab bars, older adults will have something to grasp when entering and exiting the bathtub or shower.

2.   Avoid Throw Rugs

Throw rugs often lead to trips and falls. It’s better to get rid of throw rugs from your bathrooms.

3.   Install Nonslip Strips

Another great way to ensure bathroom safety is by installing nonslip strips in the bottom of the tub or shower. Also, you can consider a non-slip bathmat or non-slip tiles.

4.   Proper Lighting

Ensure that there is ample lighting in the bathroom. It would be easier for the elderly to spot anything lying on the floor. This, in turn, will prevent trips and falls.

5.   Have a Bath Seating

A bath seating also ensures bathroom safety. Plus, it is quite easy to install. You can find bath seating in a number of styles. Choose the one that meets the needs of the seniors.

6.   Keep the Floor Clean

Make sure that the bathroom’s floor is clear of any debris. Also, the floor should be dry. Otherwise, a wet floor can increase the chances of a fall in the elderly.

7.    A Toilet Seat Riser

If your toilet has a low seating, it is suggested to install a toilet seat riser. This will instantly raise the seat of your toilet, preventing trips and falls when using the bathroom.

8.   Hand-Held Shower Handle

Invest your money in a good quality hand-held shower handle. Having this bathroom item will make bathing stress-free and completely safe.

The great thing about shower handles is that it comes in multiple settings for comfort and enjoyment in the shower.

9.   Buy a Shower Chair

For those seniors who find it hard to balance or stand for a longer span of time, a shower chair can be the perfect investment. It will make the bathing super easy as it will provide stability to the user.

10.  Make Items Easily Accessible

Ensure that towels, shampoo, soap, and other toiletry items are close to the reach of the elderly. In this way, they wouldn’t be required to stretch or bend much.

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