5 Downsides of Sending Seniors to Nursing Homes

Are you finding it hard to decide whether or not to send a loved one to a nursing home? Nursing homes are a useful option if the patient’s condition isn’t critical. On the contrary, for individuals with severe illness, you must seek help from a home care agency like 24/7 Homecare. There are several benefits of sending an elderly patient to a nursing home, but they are overshadowed by the disadvantages.

If you still want to opt for a nursing home, your mind might change by the downsides mentioned below.

1. They Are Costly

According to a recent survey, sending your elderly loved ones to a care home can be very costly.  In the US the average rate of admitting an individual to a nursing home is more than $300 per day. On an annual basis, it will cost you more than $100,000, depending upon the services you avail. On the flipside, a home care agency like 24/7 HomeCare is a reasonable alternative to a nursing home.

2. Can Cause Depression

Pulling out an elderly sick individual from their comfortable household and placing them in a nursing home can be depressing.  Things can worsen even more, for a lot of individuals consider a nursing home a step leading to their demise.  Living in a nursing home, patients feel lonely and isolated which slows their recovery.

3. Lack of Freedom

As individuals grow older, they get used to their routines and doing otherwise becomes difficult. Therefore, they need the freedom to do as they please. By sending an elderly patient to a nursing home, you are depriving them of their rightful independence. At a nursing home, they are supposed to abide by the rules they are unfamiliar with. At 24/7 HomeCare, we provide our clients with all the services they need at home while providing them the freedom they deserve.

4. Less Contact with Family

If you admit a loved one to a faraway nursing home, you won’t be able to visit them frequently. You’ll only be able to meet them over the weekends, which will take a toll upon their health. Even if you manage to visit them once in a while, still they’ll feel lonely and isolated.

5. Sub-Standard Services

All of us have heard stories about the substandard services provided at nursing homes. Studies have shown that more than 80% of nursing homes have a lack of staff. Such adversity can have adverse effects on the patients’ health. On the contrary, there are some good nursing homes, but why take the risk when you have 24/7 HomeCare by your side.

If you are looking for someone to take care of a sick loved one, 24/7 HomeCare is the place for you. For more information, visit our website now. You can even call us at 718-887- 0782.