5 Natural Ways Health Aides Use to Relieve Their Patients from Arthritis Pain

Arthritis doesn’t have a medical treatment. There is no treatment out there that can rid the patients of the pain entirely. However, there are several natural remedies through which the pain can be reduced. Arthritis is a lifestyle disease, and the only way to live with it is to embrace the remedies that make it less painful.
Here are some natural ways that health aides use to relieve their patients from arthritis pains:

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture, one of the oldest and most widespread Chinese medical treatments, has been known to help with arthritis pain. In this treatment, thin needles are inserted into precise points in the body to stimulate them. As a result, energies reroute in our bodies and the balance is restored.

This complementary therapy is known to have helped many arthritis patients with their pain. Even the World Health Organization has recommended this ancient practice for more than 100 conditions. If you are thinking of getting this treatment for arthritis, make sure that the acupuncturist is licensed.

2. Weight Loss

Arthritis inflammations worsen when you have those extra pounds on you. More weight means more stress on the joints and much more pain. Arthritis patients need to have a healthy diet, one that will make them stronger and keep those extra pounds away. Additionally, physical exercises will not only reduce weightbut willalso keep the joints flexible. However, arthritis patients must only be allowed low-impact exercises. They can achieve this with an excellent health aide beside them.

3. Hot Therapies

When arthritis patients warm their bodies, the blood flow in the affected areas is improved and they find relief in their pain. It also reduces inflammation and unwinds their tight and tensed muscles.
Treating arthritis patients with heat wraps, warm baths, heating pads, and wax coatings helps them with pain relief.

4. Cold Therapies

Cold therapies come with their own set of benefits. With these therapies,the swelling in the joints go down, the nerves calm down, and the pain signals to the brain slow down. A 10-minute ice massage will also bring utmost relief to the most painful inflammations in the joint. Again, these therapies would require a trained healthcare aide.

5. Better Postures

Better postures and sitting positions also keep the arthritis pain at bay. One would need a trained professional to make sure the patient is maintaining healthy postures. If you or someone you know suffers from arthritis, then make sure to hire a healthcare aide for best results.