Signs You Have Hired the Wrong Caregiver for Your Loved One

When your aging loved one starts having a hard time managing daily tasks, it’s time to hire a caregiver. A caregiver does all the running around and takes care of your loved one’s needs. This eases the burden on your shoulders and offers your parent or grandparent with the assistance he/she needs. Finding a professional caregiver is a tricky task. The person hired to take care of your parents must be trustworthy, compassionate, and dedicated. However, sometimes, you end up with a caregiver who’s just not up to the task. This is where are professional homecare agency, like 24/7 Homecare, can be a game changer.

Here are some signs you have hired the wrong caregiver.

Clash of Personalities

Oftentimes, there’s a personality clash between your loved one and his/her caregiver.  If your aging parent fails to get along with his/her caregiver, chances are that something is wrong.  Here are some behaviors which show that your parent is not happy with their existing caregiver and you need to seek help from a professional homecare agency like 24/7 Homecare.

Nothing’s Getting Done

Is your caregiver not doing the tasks he/she was hired for? To eliminate the issue, you can devise a task list for the caregiver. If you have already devised a list of tasks, and they are still left undone, you should have a word with the caregiver. If they fail to do the job they are hired for, you need to start looking for help elsewhere.

Your Parent Seeks Solitude

Older adults who are not happy with their caregivers try their best to avoid them. They might not be comfortable with the idea of having someone in their house simply because they don’t want to. If such is the case, talk to them about their discomfort. Also, discuss with the caregiver the ways to make your parent feel at ease.

Your Parent’s Complaining

It is quite natural; people aren’t used to the idea of someone else doing the things they used to do on their own. You’ll have to find out whether it’s the frustration of having a total stranger in their house or the poor treatment being provided by the caregiver. They might complain that the caregiver is not preparing the meals they like to have or they are talking down to them. The first one is a complaint, while the latter is a sign that you parents are not getting the respect they deserve.

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